Care Management

Every now and then we are facing situations that mandate us to make tough decisions in virtually all areas of life. As we and our loved ones age, life become increasingly more difficult. Often times these decisions can leave families feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost. VIP Senior Care & Services is here to help. Our trained and devoted care managers provide unique and personalized senior care services to our clients. Our professional care managers strive to maintain and promote independence, dignity, and peace of mind for our clients and families.

Inclusive Services

  • Develop, plan, coordinate, and implement Care Plans
  • Make regular home visits, follow up with doctor’s orders
  • Monitor medications for safety and adherence
  • Assist patient and family with decision making
  • Highly involve in the client’s discharge planning from the hospital
  • Assess and report symptoms / findings to the right providers and concerned parties
  • Coordinate Follow-up Treatments or Doctor Visits
  • Overview Alternative Living Arrangements
  • Communicate effectively to clients and their loved ones