Our Staff of Care Managers

Jumel Pluviose earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Health Informatics & Management Systems (MSHI&MS), and Licensed in Healthcare Risk Management (LHRM) at Florida International University

Charismatic, insightful motivational trainer. Sought for public speaker with holistic background as an entrepreneur in healthcare and personal development coaching. Recognized as a compassionate, transformational, visionary thought leader, inciting strategic communication that thrives in collaborative environments and embraces diversity in the global marketplace. Expertise in medical advocacy and care management for living a full potential life.

RN with more than 15 years of extensive experiences in nursing management: Quality & Performance Improvement, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Clinical Instructor, Clinical Behavioral Health and substance abuse, Hospice care, Home health Care, and Case Management.

Hosted a radio show on an educational medical program {“La santé se riches” translated to “Health is wealth”} to address: prevention and maintenance of chronic and rampant diseases and health awareness and literacy in the Haitian Community.

Taught clients on how to get the basics done right and encouraged them to live life fully.

Linked members to appropriate health care providers while utilizing the community resources productively.

Founder and sponsor of Tolycare, Inc. for more details go to www.tolycare.org

Now Made Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) available to all Haitians in Creole. Go to YouTube: “CPR in Haitian Creole”

Jumel Pluviose, MSHI& MS, LHRM, BSN, RN.